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Marketing – Where Do I Start?

Many clients come to me with a product or service and say, “help, I have no idea where to start with a marketing campaign”. Here’s a few basic tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Besides having a clear goal and knowing exactly what you are wanting to achieve, ask yourself these questions…..

  1. What is your competitive advantage?
  2. What makes your product or service unique/different to your competitors?
  3. What are the benefits (not features) of your products or services?
  4. What is it about your product or service that is unique to you and will benefit your customers?
  5. What problem does it solve or how does it enhance/help/change their lives?


You need to pinpoint and define what is unique and how it helps people. If you are just listing a heap of features eg: size, weight, colour, capacity etc you are not only boring people, you are not speaking to their emotional side.

If everything you list is the same as your competition, then dig deeper – you NEED a competitive edge!

A good way is to list all your product or services “features” then beside each one write the words “which means” and in the column beside write in what that feature means to your customers, then you are on your way to finding your benefits. eg:


This catamaran has a high bridge deck clearance of 1.2m



That when you are at sea you will not get waves slapping up under you hull making for quieter and more comfortable cruising.


Most of the training programs provided in xyz courses are videos.



That no matter what your literacy level is, you can watch the courses to absorb the information and learn quickly and easily.

Once upon a time we called them USP’s (Unique Selling Points) but I prefer to call them UBA’s (Unique Buyer’s Advantages) as this helps you look at your product or service through the eyes of your buyers rather than your eyes.

It is essential to be clear on your UBA’s before you start marketing and positioning your product or service.

Think about “stop selling, start helping”. This helps you look at marketing your products from your potential customers perspective.

The next step is then identifying your target audience – to be continued in future post.

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