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What is Responsive Web Design & why you must demand it from your Web Developer?

If you’ve ever heard of “responsive web design” or “mobile friendly websites” but don’t understand the entire concept and why it is so important, allow me to explain.

What does Mobile Responsive Web Design mean?

A Mobile Responsive website basically means that your website will look as good and perform as well across mobile phones and tablets as it does on your desktop.

According to Stat Counter – Global Stats (June 2019), almost 50% of web browsing now happens on mobile so your website must be set up so it adjusts to fit the screen size of any site visitor’s device.

Whether a user lands on your site through a smartphone, mobile tablet, or desktop, if your website design can’t adjust to fit their screen and create a good browsing experience, then your design is not responsive and will result in frustrated customers quickly clicking away from your site.

Why does it matter so much?

Better user experience equals more leads, customers & sales!

Have you ever tried to access a website but quickly lose interest and clicked away because the site looks odd, doesn’t work or is hard to navigate on your mobile? Most people do, they quickly move on, so a website that does not function, fit or look quite right on mobile devices is a sure-fire recipe for losing customers.

Plus, not all your prospects own a desktop and those who do often don’t surf the internet with it, they prefer to do that on their mobile device.

Better Ranking with Google (SEO Gains)
When your site sits in a higher spot on search engine result pages, your business gains credibility and your prospects can find you quickly and easily. It is a fact that search giant Google prioritise sites that are mobile responsive.

Summing up

A mobile responsive website will deliver:

A good website developer will build your site with a MOBILE-FIRST strategy so your site will look professional and function well across all devices.

Your users experience should be the priority, no one will keep zooming or adjusting their device cheerfully, just to view your site. They’ll tag you as unprofessional and bounce away.

With the benefits mentioned above, among many others not discussed, your business deserves not just a website, but a responsive one.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your website; kindly contact us to discuss your requirements or visit our FAQ and Website Services pages for more information.

We’re here to help small businesses get online quickly and easily without breaking the bank!

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