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Kee Websites clients can be found all over the Asia Pacific region and span a range of industries.

Here is a sample of some you may know.

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Children's Education - E-Commerce Digital Product

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Wine Industry - E-Commerce Website

Askin Built Website LR


Building & Construction Industry



Agriculture / Tech Industry


Coastal mowers

Service & Retail Industry



Retail / Leisure Industry - E-Commerce

Merit Linings Website by Kee Websites


Construction & Engineering Industry

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Kee Websites

Marketing & Web Development

Client Love

We love receiving feedback from our clients, here is what a few of them have had to say.

The person who built my website 5 years ago, whose opinion I have complete faith in, told me I had to update my website (that she built) and the only person to go to was Kim McKee. I had no hesitation and booked an appointment with Kim immediately.

Until it was pointed out to me that my perfectly functioning website was; clunky, the ‘call to action’ buttons weren’t optimised, the layout was difficult to follow, it wasn’t great to look at on mobile phones and that the template for uploading our monthly blogs was now vastly improved - did I realise how good the new websites were.

Kim made a huge effort to understand my business, our clients and what exactly our services are.

Kim took the time to find the right colour theme, layout and design. Always coming up with alternatives until I was completely happy.

She transferred over all of our previous blogs, improved the website copy and converted the old copy into blogs so previous SEO wasn’t lost.

The final edits were thorough and every new link works, every new contact form is perfect and the website is great to navigate around.

We pride ourselves that our Physiotherapy treatment and exercises are in line with the latest best practice. Now our website reflects this mentality and our patients can easily book appointments online, call us, get directions and understand completely what services we offer.

Thanks SO much Kim for making this process so easy!
Thanks so much to Kim at Kee Websites for making this usually arduous task so simple.

Kim understood our needs and the business dynamic right from the start. We are extremely happy with our fresh new website.

We can't recommend Kim highly enough.
Thanks Kim!

Extraordinary service, value for money and very quick too.

We are very happy with our new site - www.handytourism.com.au.

Tthank you also for the savings through switching hosts.
Dear Kim,
Not one for typically writing testimonials, I believe credit should be given for your recent services.

After 10 months of operating our business without a website from being misled by several so called industry professionals and losing several thousands of dollars along the way, your initial response of "we can help you and in a timely manner" was great however had heard that numerous times!

The reality was that you had an upcoming overseas trip and made a commitment to us that you would have us live online prior to your departure. Given your on the west coast and RTM on the east coast, coupled with the fact we never met in person to discuss the project, you delivered a website beyond our expectations to which our clients and colleagues comment on with great reviews.

Most importantly though we saw an increase in our business within days which somewhat reflected previous times before losing our website.

We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, prompt service and mostly your willingness to help! Thank you!!
I am extremely happy with the service and quality of Kee Marketing. Kim jumped in to help me when she realized that I had been scammed by another firm who were continuing to ask me for money without any sign of a website after 1 year!!

Kee Marketing produced a website of extraordinary quality in a week!

Working with Kim is a pleasure, her constant badgering means efficient service and a website to be proud of.

Thank you Kim you literally saved my business!
Kim created our website from scratch. I wanted something that was fresh and modern, but also very professional looking.

In my opinion she nailed my vision, my website not only reflects my business and what I do for my clients, but it also reflects me and my many passions.

Thanks Kim for helping me create something that I’m really proud to show off.
Kim worked tirelessly with us for a few weeks to revamp our entire website.

Our old website was dated and hard to navigate, Kim came in with fresh ideas and helped us create something entirely new and modern.

We are all really happy with Kim’s dedication to how much effort and time she spends listening to what we are wanting and putting our vision together.

Thanks so much Kim!
It was a wonderful website building experience with Kim from Kee Websites.

Kim runs a dynamic organisation that provides top quality and responsive service.

The difference is that Kim built my Stargazers Club WA website with a holistic marketing approach and kept the website visitor in mind the whole time.

This means my web browsers have a much better online experience which makes it easier to turn them into customers. More websites should be built like this!

Thanks a million Kim! You're a "star"!
As a small business owner, I was reluctant to engage someone to build a new website and kept putting it off until finally I recognised that in order to boost my online presence, a new website was essential.

Kim at Kee Websites has created a fantastic new wordpress website that perfectly represents me and my Interior Design business.

From the very beginning, working with Kim was a pleasure. Following Kim’s step-by-step process, it was easy to define the brief and collate all the information required. Kim led me through the process of building the site so that it never seemed overwhelming and I felt well informed at all times.

Kim’s expertise is invaluable and she was able to provide options and recommendations to improve considerably on the functionality of my previous website.

Working with Kim from Kee Websites has been an absolute pleasure. She worked tirelessly on perfecting each element of my new website and the outcome has well and truly exceeded my expectations.
I was unsure idea where to start in getting a website up and running for the Grand View Hotel.

Kim quickly recognised exactly what we needed and delivered a complete website incorporating all our requirements within two weeks.

We did not have a huge budget but knew we needed an online presence. I cannot thank Kim enough for helping us find an easy, quick solution that was within our budget.
Dear Kim, a quick note to extend our thanks for your creativity, patience and persistence in developing the Website for our business in Thailand.

As it is our first venture into an online shop, we were totally naive about the amount of work involved, thankfully you lead the way!

The end result is great, the site has drawn a lot of really positive comments from clients and friends.

We look forward to our next project with you.
After neglecting our website for over a decade we knew it needed a refresh but the project kept sitting on the bottom of the to-do list for several years with no progress.

Kim was exactly what we needed to manage the upgrade and made us prioritise the websites content and development. Kim managed to capture and deliver the message we want to send to our customers.

We are thrilled with our modern and professional website.
We had a website that was clunky and very difficult to edit or change in any way. I asked Kim for some recommendations to fix the site.

Kim quickly rebuilt our website using a program that is extremely simple to make any changes we need on demand.

I no longer have to pay someone to edit our site as it is all self managed and super easy to use which is saving us lots of time and money. Thanks Kim!
Kim consulted to Multihull Solutions for over five years. She has been instrumental in transforming Multihull Solutions into the industry’s leading multihull specialist. Our profile in the industry and the general public has been significantly enhanced, and our approach to marketing is now more strategic and effective.

Kim has been responsible for creating a clear and professional brand presence for the company. She has developed a broad range of strategic marketing campaigns that have undeniably helped us continue to achieve strong results across all of our business sectors.

Kim’s knowledge of the marine industry is second to none, and her networking power, outstanding marketing skills and sharp business acumen have yielded numerous benefits for Multihull Solutions over the years.

Kim developed our fantastic new website www.multihullsolutions.com.au which we are extremely proud of. It has positioned us as the leaders in the industry and since its launch we have experienced a significant increase in enquiry and sales.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kim's services to any business that wants to improve their sales and industry profile.

Kim is extremely efficient, friendly and a highly experienced marketing specialist who works tirelessly to find new strategies that will grow your business and create sustainable pathways for future success.
Mulitithull Solutions recommends Kee Websites
Mark Elkington
Managing Director & Owner - Multihull Solutions


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